A safe and secure
experience for all users

The safety and security of Helpall users is our top priority. Helpall has a number of features specifically built towards ensuring the same.

Onboard securely

If your HOA community could use a way to connect residents and track the goodness, giving, and happiness of residents then Helpall is just the tool you need.

Identity Verification

Anyone requesting or giving help must verify their legal identity by uploading documentation. When confirmed, a “verified” stamp appears next to the user’s name.

Secure Chat

When qualified users are alerted about new help requests, potential responders can engage in a fully anonymous chat with the requester to decide if the need is legitimate.

Trusted Contacts

Users can set up Trusted Contacts. The app uses these to share the user’s live location while on a journey to fulfil a request, and notify the Trusted Contacts when the user indicates a safety issue.

Content Moderation

To prevent the use of abusive language on the app, Helpall uses Artificial Intelligence to detect mood and tone. Continued use of this language results in users being blocked from the platform.

User Feedback

Users can easily report various forms of abuse. Our admin team then reviews and takes necessary action. Users can also block abusive users.

Privacy Control

All users can easily manage the information that is visible to others. Users’ contact information, such as phone, email and location are not visible to other users at any time.

Age Restrictions

To ensure the safety of children and prevent children from being taken advantage of or abused, Helpall is not available to minors. Children less than 18 years old are not allowed to register for or use the app.

How to stay safe when using the Helpall Social app

In addition to our comprehensive safety features, we strongly encourage users to take adequate measures to ensure their own safety, including, but not limited to:

Do not share your personal information with other users under any circumstances

Do not take up a request unless you’re sure that you’re able to deliver the help

Before venturing out on a journey to give help, check it is a safe location to visit

Be in the company of one or more friends when receiving or delivering help and be aware of your surroundings

Accept and deliver help in daylight, in an open space with public visibility

Have the contact information of local law enforcement and emergency responders

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