Transform community engagement

Helpall is an App for communities to share things, organize events, communicate with, and help each other. Use Helpall in every interaction and elevate your community’s standing.

Request and receive help

Post safety alerts, bulletins and polls

Organize community events

Celebrate community heroes

Giving help brings communities together

Use the app and get access to the full suite of resident engagement solutions as a community, or join us on our mission to bring good to communities as a partner.


Go online or download the app to sign-up


Join or on-board your community


Start engaging through helpful actions


Understand your community’s impact

Safe to use

Helpall provides a safe engagement experience for all users. 

Verified users

AI-driven content moderation

Trusted contacts

Reporting & blocking abuse

Privacy controls

Secure messaging

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Compassion + Unity = Community

Facilitate engagements with kindness and compassion, take your community experience to a whole new level.
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