October 11, 2023

Helpall Interviews Frank Sette, Founder and CEO of HOA.works, on the Importance of digital transformation in HOAs

Alanna Andersen
Content Writer

Helpall partners with companies that support digital tranformation and improves communication within homeowners' associations and communities. Helpall and HOA.works both support the positive growth, change, and involvement of homeowners associations (HOAs) within their communities through digital transformation. Helpall is a mobile application and web application that allows residents to connect to one another in positive ways, such as through sending or receiving help or requesting items within their community, and allows HOAs to see the ways community members are interacting and spreading good throughout the community. HOA.works is a leading cloud-based software platform that has been revolutionizing how self-managed communities operate, designed to streamline manual processes within HOAs. Together, Helpall and HOA.works hope to inspire positive communication and digital transformation within HOA communities.

The Helpall team had the opportunity to interview HOA.works founder and CEO, Frank Sette, on why he launched HOA.works and the value it has for communities. Let’s explore how HOAs are changing their practices to better their homeownership experience, as well as the board’s experience, and improve community engagement.

Hi, Frank! Thanks for doing this interview with Helpall. Let us know, what inspired you to create HOA.works, the HOA management software?

Frank Sette: The passion behind creating HOA.works started from personally witnessing the detrimental effects poorly managed HOAs had on entire communities. Through my active involvement living within, volunteering for, and serving as a vendor of various HOAs, I gained a deep understanding of the issue at hand. In communities where residents generously volunteer to support their fellow neighbors, it became evident that some individuals were facing substantial challenges and required assistance in effectively managing the association.

So, I embarked on this journey by asking a fundamental question: Why did you volunteer for the HOA board in the first place? Was it to make a positive impact on your community? Let's work towards enabling you to focus on exactly that—less tasks for you, allowing you to wholeheartedly cherish your role within the HOA that you chose.

What are the key features that set your software apart from competitors that enable HOA.works to realize its mission for HOA communities?

Frank: Our software design philosophy began with a single word: simplicity. We prioritize user-friendly features and maintain an environment that is easy to navigate, ensuring that we can effectively serve board member volunteers, regardless of their level of experience.

Subsequently, we actively went out and engaged with current board members, property managers, accountants, builders, and a wide range of stakeholders. Our goal was to identify common issues and challenges that needed solutions to benefit the entire ecosystem which the HOA resides in. We then decided to incorporate additional industry leading features such as video recording and broadcasting, comprehensive bank and financial reporting, and the capability to manage any type of home, owner, and vendor, all without imposing extra charges for these enhanced functionalities.

In the end, we strongly value people. We are deeply committed to the belief that crucial elements like onboarding, training, access to valuable insights, and seeking guidance from our experts should be provided to you at no additional cost. Our technology is intentionally designed for simplicity, ensuring that it offers everything you need without unnecessary complications. Moreover, our unwavering dedication to delivering an outstanding customer experience is as important as our passion for our software platform within our organization.

How does your HOA management software address the specific challenges faced by HOAs today?

Frank: Our software is designed to tackle the specific challenges that HOAsface today by addressing common management issues. Here's how our software can alleviate these challenges:

Communications: HOAs often struggle with effective communication among board members, residents, and vendors. Our software provides a centralized platform for announcements, messaging, and document sharing, ensuring that information reaches all relevant parties in a timely manner.

Financial Management: Managing HOA finances can be complex. Our software offers robust financial tools for budgeting, accounting, and online payment processing. This streamlines financial management and ensures transparency for all stakeholders. Managing finances is easy and does not require a CPA. 

Maintenance and Repairs: Tracking maintenance requests and repairs can be cumbersome. Our software simplifies this process by allowing residents to submit requests online, assigning tasks to the appropriate parties, and providing real-time updates on the progress of repairs including aging and pictures.

Archiving Documents: HOAs deal with a multitude of documents, from meeting minutes to contracts and bylaws. Our software offers a secure document repository, making it easy to access and organize important documents for historical reference.Meeting Management: Coordinating board meetings and ensuring resident participation can be challenging. Our software facilitates meeting scheduling, attendance tracking, and even virtual meeting capabilities, making it easier for board members and residents to engage in HOA governance.

Compliance and Reporting: HOAs must comply with various regulations and reporting requirements. Our software generates reports, tracks compliance deadlines, and ensures that the HOA adheres to legal and regulatory standards.

Ultimately, we are firm believers in the importance of people. We are committed to the belief that essential aspects such as onboarding, training, access to valuable tips, or reaching out to our experts should come at no cost to you.

Our HOA management software offers a comprehensive solution to address the diverse challenges faced by HOAs today. By streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and providing essential tools, we empower HOAs to effectively manage their communities and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Tell us about a time an HOA benefited from HOA.works!

Frank: Absolutely, our services are tailored to meet the needs of HOA boards and property management companies, regardless of their size, and we proudly serve a wide range of communities nationwide. Our user base is expanding, and the initial outcomes are already indicating a significant positive impact. Rest assured, there's more promising news on the horizon.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive HOA data and member privacy?

Frank: Data security and member privacy are paramount concerns for us, and we have implemented robust measures to safeguard HOA data and member privacy as they are non-negotiable aspects of our service. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security to protect the confidentiality and integrity of HOA data and member information. By never storing any sensitive data in our system we employ strong encryption protocols to protect data in transit. 

Our software has strict access controls in place. Users are granted access based on their roles and responsibilities within the community. This restricts data access to individuals with the necessary permissions for their respective roles. We keep our software up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates to address known vulnerabilities promptly.

Lastly, our staff undergoes comprehensive security training to understand the importance of data security and the role they play in protecting information.

Let’s get to the important information for HOA board members - what does HOA.works cost?

Frank: Keep in mind that our core philosophy revolves around a single word: simplicity. This principle extends to our pricing model. Our aim is to offer flexibility and exceptional value for every subscription we offer. We strongly uphold transparency, and our pricing framework is crafted to guarantee that users obtain every feature and support without any hidden or additional expenses. 

Everything you require is right at your fingertips, including our tailor-made onboarding and training, access to our team of experts, and a commitment to lifetime support, complete with limitless software upgrades and we start at $29 a month.

What is your company's long-term vision for HOA.works?

Frank: Our long-term vision at HOA.works is for the board management software to continually enhance its capabilities and become the go-to solution for all HOA management needs. We are committed to providing user-friendly, comprehensive, and innovative tools that empower HOAs and property management companies to thrive. And we are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience while keeping exceptional value at the forefront of everything we do.

HOA.works continues to expand its offerings to make HOA management a breeze for board members and bring communities together

Frank: For our upcoming updates and features, we're thrilled to announce a collaborative project with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their GenAI group. This partnership with AWS will propel our artificial intelligence and machine learning roadmap forward, enabling us to further automate HOA management tasks, enhance their operational efficiency, and foster stronger community relationships. We are excited about what’s to come!

You can stay informed about our latest developments by visiting the HOA.works website or reaching out to our customer success team at hello@hoa.works or the HOA.works sales team for a demo.

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